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How it works

Download the App and register!
Download the App to register. You will only need your ID document and a payment method. Once the registration is complete you are on board of TiMove!

Search your e-scooter
Search for the e-scooter which is closest to you. Found it? Book it for 20 free minutes or go directly to the detected parking area on the map, unlock the scooter and start the rental.

Hop on the e-scooter, kick with your foot and start moving in a Green way!

Pedestrian areas

On the map you will find more than 400 dedicated parking spaces indicated by the “P” letter and also the yellow pedestrian areas where the speed limit is 6km/h and the red pedestrian areas where you will have to drive the e-scooter by hand.

The more you move with TiMove, the less you spend!

Move with Freedom
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Savings solutions with unlimited free unlocks

With us you will not only have a micro-mobility vehicle but many included services, which you would not have with the traditional purchase, including:

  • hundreds of points of collection and release of the scooter, distributed evenly throughout the territory of the city in which it is active the service;

  • Feishen GXA06 professional range vehicles;

  • third party liability insurance and legal protection;

  • unlimited electric charging;

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

  Rules of use:

  • Electric scooters are equated with bikes;

  • The maximum continuous rated power is 0.50 kW;

  • The driver must be at least 14 years old;

  • The driver must wear a helmet if underage;

  • You can only circulate on urban roads where the limit of 50 km / h is required, provided that the circulation of bicycles is also allowed;

  • On extra-urban roads, you can only circulate if there is a cycle path and you stay inside it;

  • The speed limit is 25 km/h, reduced to 6 km/h or 0km/h in pedestrian areas;

  • Obligation of front and rear lights;

  • Obligation to wear reflective jackets or braces in low light hours and during the day, in particular weather conditions;

  • Prohibition to carry other people, objects or animals;

  • Prohibition to be towed by another vehicle.

A multimodal and sustainable mobility platform