An App that guarantees
an intermodal and sustainable mobility
in support of individuals and companies

In a single multimodal platform,
the all-round mobility


A new multimodal mobility platform capable of satisfying any need that the user will express.

TiMove‘s offer, modular and flexible, is directed at:

  • Companies

  • Individuals

  • Public administrations

We build a sustainable, connected, shared mobility model.

With the lockdown, a tool implemented to limit the effects of COVID19, we have learned that you can work and study from home, shop online, discuss via videoconference, but we haven’t forgotten that moving, meeting and knowing are essential activities.

But we must learn to do it in a sustainable way because in just over 30 years the world will be populated by 10 billion people and as many as 7 billion will live in urban centres.

Ahead of us there’s a challenge that we cannot afford to lose. This is why the future will see us increasingly committed to the development of smart cities and therefore of smart mobility, which is one of their pillars.

Urban centers will have new means of transportation, but the way we travel will also change.

With its project, TiMove is developing a new model of smart mobility: thanks to the multimodal platform and the creation of the Green Mobility Islands, where a sustainable, innovative and connected mobility offer will be concentrated, it will be possible to meet the different mobility needs of citizens, companies, and tourists.

A multimodal and sustainable mobility platform