You can provide the service
to your customers by using
our platform and TiMove App
or through a new platform
and a new App branded with your logo
Are you a rental company
or do you want to open a rental company?
Do you want to automate all the corporate processes? No problem!

A practical solution, to manage the courtesy car and develop a real rental business, made available to car repairers.

What we offer our partners:

  • A new business opportunity.

  • A connected and eco-sustainable mobility.

  • The management of the service without additional costs.

  • The rental supply of e-bikes, scooters, electric scooters.

  • The platform and the App to manage the service.

  • The supply and installation of the charging station.

  • Administrative management

  • Billing and collection service

  • Call center 7/24

  • Management of the customer’s technical stop

  • Training

  • A profit for each rental made

By becoming a TiMove Small Point you can transform the courtesy car service into a new source of income. You will always be satisfied with the service and your customers will have one more reason to come back.

Our app:

  • Booking

  • Unlocking and accessing the vehicle

  • Damage reporting

  • Payment and billing


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